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Pessoa Valente Law results from a long-time partnership between Patricia Pessoa Valente and Henrique Motta Pinto, both in Law as well as in Academia, and acts in consulting and litigation in the areas of Public Law and Regulation.
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Pessoa Valente Law values are technical excellence, concern with the needs of the clients and results expected by them, and creativity in the solution of complex and regular legal matters.
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"Demonstrating constant focus on detail, in sticking to deadlines and based on their efficiency on actions and in the pursuit of the defense and interests of the Airport, Pessoa Valente Law has become a valuable partner, a fact that shall be fairly and corporately worthy of recognition.”

José Carlos Angeja, Assessor to Airport Management at Aeroportos Brasil Viracopos.
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“The professionals at Pessoa Valente Law are always willing to assist us in the most diverse demands, always presenting us with creative and innovative solutions (‘out of the box’) for the many legal matters presented to them. Very well based and safe solutions.”

Lourenço do Prado Valladares, Founding Partner at Prado Valladares Arquitetura e Urbanismo.
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“Pessoa Valente Law is a real partner. They always seek to understand in detail what we do, genuinely engaging with our mission. They have a work of impeccable quality; I hardly send any comments. They do not just think about the law; they think about how to do business. "

Rangel Garcia Barbosa, CEO at Mira Educação.
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“Our experience with Pessoa Valente Law is excellent: legal knowledge, commitment, integrated teams and a differential: customer always informed, clearly and timely. Organizational culture agile and up-to-date, allied to knowledge.”

Telmo Porto, Director of New Business Develompent at Telar Engenharia e Comércio.
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“Pessoa Valente Law assists us in the most diverse demands of public law, adding creativity, sound knowledge and legal security so we can innovate in the public sector.”

Joice Toyota, Co-founder and Executive Director of Vetor Brasil.